ALL CAPS hard to swallow

All CAPS in menus are hard to swallow
WordPress excuses sound really hollow
Please heed me chaps
Flee themes ALL CAPS
Let’s hope followers seem bound to follow

Alan Grace
26 March 2018

Daily prompt: Swallow


Green Bottles, Alan's Ark & COVID Odyssey: Alan Grace's vir[tu]al journey


Some say your forecast is dim
Come weigh more chances as slim
CAPS they say do not transgress
Seize the day I pray WordPress
Please go way out on a limb

Alan Grace
1 March 2018

Daily prompt: Dim


PS This elephant’s out of the room 🙂

LimbOutOnElephantLimbOutOnDefinitionLimbOut on


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  1. AlanGraceNZ says:

    Yes, that’s why ALL CAPS (no shouting ???) is considered bad Netiquette. It’s sad that WordPress prefers ALL CAPS in its themes. It’s a pity that maybe over 95% of WordPress themes use ALL CAPs in menus etc. Users should be able to decide if they want ALL CAPS. I used to only consider WordPress themes that did not have ALL CAPS. Sadly this severely limited my choices. However apart from the Caps I prefer the theme I am using. My original (first) theme that I liked (without any ALL CAPS) was removed by WordPress- they claimed it was too outdated. When I wanted to clone my WordPress site, I could not choose this theme for the new cloned site.


  2. I learned this the hard way. I sent an email to my cousin and he asked why was I so angry. I never did that again.

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