Playful: Continuing to Write Without the Daily Word Prompt

Hi Shelby it’s me who does the Reblog 🙂

Sadly I reBlogged this to my wrong site 😦
Too late at night.


Shelby's Starlit Crossing

Here and now, naked
without the Daily Word Prompt
To spur me on,
I twist in the wind—
Lost after I became found
In a writing discipline
Implemented only 2 years ago

A process that ended up
Watering my parched soul
With long overdue expression
By providing avenues for
Long held, vivid memory
And impression to take root
And live on
In written wisps of dreams,

Feeding my malnourished brain with
Succulent nutrients contained in
Mental, personal flexing
To the max.

Initially, participating
In outlining my insides
Felt intimidating.
I procrastinated and had difficulty
Writing my first post.
To get myself started at all,
I pushed myself to pen
100 word scribblings,
No more, no less
About just about anything—
A playful experiment
That seemed doable.
Just try.
Quit, by all means,
If you hate the process,
After awhile, I told myself.

Not so.

In doing this, I found

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