COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 36 ~ Post#919: Mum: Yesterday, Today, Forever~ We will remember you

Sadly mum passed away over a month ago on 20 October, 95 years young. Fortunately she did not have COVID.

Due to Auckland’s Lockdown level and border restrictions around Auckland, we could not have a service.

Yesterday, Today, Forever (Brunfelsia) was one of her favourite plants.


We will always remember you mum.

Mum had dementia (not Alzheimers). She did not know us and would not remember when we had been to visit her.


Mum in the past has always been there for us:


[posted in advance of Mother’s Day this year- Mum would not know]

You may appreciate this poem:

The Longest of Goodbyes

Broken into pieces,

Shattered and afraid.

I see it in your eyes,

An empty silent gaze.

I hold your hand, in my hand.

Not knowing what to do.

You’re lost to me forever.

I can’t fix this part of you.

For years, I’ve watched you slip away.

Becoming frail and oh so weak.

A man of strength and stature.

I watch in disbelief.

By a demon, you were taken.

By a force that knows no cure.

This sad and empty feeling

Too painful to endure.

A twisted maze of tangles.

Too many to untie.

The light’s turned into darkness,

In this …. The longest of goodbyes.

Patty Richardson

The Longest of Goodbyes

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