COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 37 ~ Post#920: NZ Delta COVID-19~ NZ Vaccine Passports

Should businesses and clubs in New Zealand require people to show Vaccine Passports before entry?

On 21 November, New Zealand still ranked 35th in the world in terms of vaccination rates (for the whole population; see below).

The NZ Government confirmed yesterday that NZ will transfer to a Traffic Light System on 2 December and that businesses that are not essential services my require a Vaccine Passport to be shown before entry that proves customers have been double-jabbed.

Vaccine Passports will be tested using Hairdressers from 11.59 on 25 November.

New Zealand still has 30% of its entire population not fully-jabbed, including children. Even with a population estimate of 5m, this would amount to 1.5m people.

Essential services include supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies and health services, … .

We ask two questions:

  1. Should businesses require their staff to be double vaccinated (introduce a vaccine mandate)?
  2. Should businesses require people entering to show a Vaccine Passport?

To keep staff and customers safe, the answer to both questions should be ‘Yes’.

This includes clubs. e.g. golf clubs.


Staff should prefer to work with double-jabbed colleagues (unless they are not double-jabbed themselves) and prefer businesses to require people entering to show a Vaccine Passport.

New Zealand currently has record low unemployment and staff should consider moving to other employment if people are not double-jabbed in their work environment.

More than 10% of the eligible New Zealand population (over 12) in most NZ DHBs (District Health Boards) are likely to not be double-jabbed.

While allowing people not double-jabbed entry may appear to attract more customers, people with a Vaccine Passport should consider only using businesses that require Vaccine Passports to be shown on entry.

Businesses could lose far more customers if a business allows non double-jabbed customers into their premises.





Vaccination Level by Country:


This PDF has more data and links:


The above data is from here (click to see more countries):

For earlier vaccination levels see:

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