COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 35 ~ Post#918: NZ Delta COVID-19~ Two COVID poems


A COVID darkness
swallows me whole
squashing my air out
taking its toll

All that I want
is my breath regained
to run and to laugh
no longer restrained

The lost not forgotten
never truly gone
in some shape or form
in spirit hang on

But the COVID sleep
has no warming charm
for deadly cold COVID
means you all true harm

Succumb as you must to
COVID’s deathly grip
COVID’s the Captain who
won’t go down with your ship

(Modified by)
Alan Grace
20 November 2021

Modified from The Velvet Darkness by Kait King


Vortex of swirling pain waves devoured them whole,
From happy sunshine now lie in deep abyss,
Kidnapped, sucked into this dark fathomless hole,
All souls trapped, shipwrecked, misled, die far from bliss!

(Modified by)
Alan Grace
21 November 2021

Modified from chemical dreams by Krish Radhakrishna

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