COVID Odyssey: Mid-Winter Christmas Cheer ~ Odyssey Completed

Christmas is in summer in New Zealand so many people celebrate a mid-winter Christmas in July.

My COVID-19 work is my gift to you all. See:


We have received an early Christmas present.

New Zealand has only have 22 deaths from COVID-19, a total of 1504 cases (none active), and no new cases for over 20 days.

New Zealand has been very lucky.

Time for me to “bug out” before Gutenberg is forced upon me 😦
I do not want to contract the “Gu” flu (aka the Gu), a terminal disease from which there is no recovery (except perhaps Ctrl-Alt-Delete) more virulent and fatal than COVID-19 or the blue-screen-of-death.

Bugging out too late Bugging Out
(modified by Alan Grace) by thedailytravesty
There once were a fly and a flea There once were a fly and a flea
Who were healthy and lived in NZ, Who were healthy and lived in a tree,
Then they flew up to you Then they flew in a flue
And contracted the flu And contracted the flu
And decided to, from the flu, flee. And decided to, from the flue, flee.

To see the whole site, Click on Home (in the menu at the top of the page) or here:


Please have a look (again) at my findings about COVID-19. There are bound to be more waves. See:

However in a worst case scenario we could have had more than double this total number of cases on each day near the midpoint in the scenario.

Can you see the actual daily cases down the bottom of the graph?


You may like to look at the Contents of my COVID Odyssey:

Today is the third anniversary of my first WordPress post on 14 June 2017.

I have now published over 800 posts.

Rather than singing “Happy Anniversary to you” you may like for us all  to sing “Healthy virus-free day for us.”

The words are in this post:

I intended to include my favourite verse and songs in this post but I see most are already in the above post.

It is sad that the classic editor is disappearing from WordPress.

Read this poem in the post above or from here:

I do not like Gutenberg. I do not think drag-and-drop should be necessary to write a post. There should be defaults to just click on a new block type to insert a new block where the cursor is currently and continue with the same type of block until a new block type is clicked.

This should be easy to implement- essentially the best of both worlds!

I am hoping to finish my blogging before Gutenberg is forced upon me.

I see Covert Novelist is celebrating her four year WP anniversary today. See:

Fight the “Gu” or flee

Fight the “Gu” or flee
I wish you Happy
Year more too for me
Now here more than three
Writing poetry
Maybe fluently
Time to fight or flee
Have pity party
Maybe flee like me
Read my Odyssey
A virus journey
Now over gladly
May all the world be
COVID-19 free
Damn WP
Presently please be
Block editor free
Pleasantly like me
Be user-friendly
Don’t force Gu on me

Alan Grace
15 June 2020


All  the best with your blogging using Gutenberg.

We do not get snow in Auckland.

Weather forecast: Maybe there’s a Gu snow job or storm coming.

snow job


  1. a deception or concealment of one’s real motive in an attempt to flatter or persuade.
    “we shall need to do a snow job on him”

Merry Mid-Winter Christmas to you all.



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