Bursting Bitcoin bubble: Bitcoin under $8000 again; Ripple under 64 cents

Bursting Bitcoin bubble

Great bubble’s burst rate will incubate
Past due date first inflate start birthrate
Don’t you pass smart class clown
Go slow up faster down
Fixate checkmate on fate late floodgate

Alan Grace
18 March 2018

Daily prompt: Incubate

Google will bans ads for cryptocurrencies, wallets, and exchanges on its platforms.
See video here: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/google-bans-ads-for-cryptocurrencies-wallets-and-exchanges-on-its-platforms/?ftag=TREae06245&bhid=22483630035436678492339564929003

  • Google has banned advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related content including coin offerings, exchanges, wallets, and trading advice.
  • The cryptocurrency ad ban will come into effect on Google platforms this June.

At 8.01 this morning NZ time:


Prohibitive sign with a bitcoin inside on a stockwall floor



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