Do you have any predilection
To social media addiction
I am on the rocks
I need a detox
Please restrict my blogging affliction

Alan Grace
9 March 2018

Addiction is uncompromising in its hold on you 😦

Are you addicted to blogging?

Maybe we need a social media detox?

Daily prompt: Uncompromising

Poesy plus Polemics

addiction-howard-lancaster “Addiction” by Howard Lancaster

twisted and kinked
ropes of darkness
hang brains from
powdercoat gallows
transmuting the
psyche disabling the
organs of dreams
choking choice
freely burning all
natural identity
down to black ash
here the predator
heat of ferocious
scaled cravings turns
tissues to sopping
with alien moisture
the sweat from a
grim peristalsis
biology bent to
enslavement of
merciless purpose
destruction not
damage sheer
utter destruction
its ruin apparent
just look in the eyes
vacant pods sunken
sallow and sightless
all trace of a man
hidden fetal and deep
cowered under dead
layers of life from
the past wrapped
in skin of what
once was a womb

From my book Small Noise

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