Need a social media detox? Maybe mine starts tomorrow?

Superficially the idea of a social media detox sounds like a good idea.

We are going on a cruise for 10 nights in the South Pacific tomorrow.

Maybe it’s time for a social media detox?

While I am away, the only new pink elephants you’ll see may be if you have too much to drink? See:
We don’t usually buy drink on board ship so no pink elephants for us.

This is the ship we will be on:
We haven’t been on this ship before.


Here’s where we’ll go:


This may be easier to see on a tablet:

– Day 1 –


10 Oct, Departing 6PM


– Days 2 & 3 –

Sea Days

11 & 12 Oct

Sea Days

– Day 4 –


13 Oct, 8AM – 5:30PM


– Day 5 –


14 Oct, 8AM – 5PM


– Day 6 –

Port Vila

15 Oct, 8AM – 6PM

Port Vila

– Day 7 –

Mystery Island

16 Oct, 8AM – 5PM

Mystery Island

– Day 8 –

Isle Of Pines

17 Oct, 8AM – 5PM

Isle Of Pines

– Days 9 & 10 –

Sea Days

18 & 19 Oct

Sea Days

– Day 11 –


20 Oct, Arriving 7AM



We have been to all these places several times except Isle of Pines (l’Île des Pins).

Yes the idea of a detox sounds good.

Maybe I’ll still have to use the free wifi in a couple of ports to look at my five TradeMe ads that close on Saturday in case there are any questions from purchasers.

Yes a social media detox sounds great in theory but sometimes life gets in the way.

Time to start packing later today.

Daily prompt:

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  1. Robyn says:

    Have a great trip. All of those places are great.
    I should detox also – but gave a definite FOMO phobia.

    Liked by 1 person

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