An Internet Special gone wrong: Carpet cleaning; A true story (sadly)

Update: The owner of the company (Sandeep) sent two workmen around this afternoon. The stain looks a lot better. He says he will send his men around twice more if needed. Thanks Lucy (TreatMe) for your intervention 🙂 


Internet specials are very popular. Sadly if something goes wrong, you can end up going around in circles trying to get things sorted out. This is my true story (still ongoing).

This is my story about an ongoing issue with an Internet special gone wrong. I hope we can all learn from it.

In June this year, I purchased from TreatMe (a company offering Internet specials) a steam carpet clean for my five bedroom house.

The cost for the carpet cleaning was $85, with discount $76.50. Strangely only five stairs were included in the price. I paid the workman extra for all stairs to be cleaned.

The NZ carpet cleaning company involved was Prime Carpet Cleaning.


A booking was made for 29 August and the carpets were cleaned that day.

Sadly the workman moved a small table onto carpet that was still wet and this created two stains in the carpet 60cm x 2.5 cm (2 feet x 1 inch). I was not even in the room when the workman moved the tables.

The company came out again on 9 September to try to get the stains out but was unsuccessful. When the company attempted to remove the stains on 9 September, I was told the stains would not be visible when the carpet dried. This is a picture of the stains after the carpet dried (four days later) and another picture of one of the two tables:

Some small disks (e.g. plastic milk/fruit juice bottle tops) should have been placed under the tables to make sure the staining did not occur. The company claims it never moves furniture and only did so at my request.

When carpet cleaning is done you want the whole room cleaned, not just where there is not furniture! I has already moved all furniture out from the walls and small items were moved from rooms before the workman arrived. Two beds (in other rooms) were the only moveable items sill in place and I helped to move these.


I have been trying since the end of August to get this sorted out but sadly have not been successful. The company keeps going around and circles. It has requested me to get another company to remove the stains and send the invoice to them.

All emails before yesterday have contained no names from the company.

There are no names mentioned on the company’s website.

This should have been a red flag to me and also to TreatMe.

Yesterday I contacted Treatme to help get this sorted.

I have known for some time the name of the owner of the company and this was confirmed in an email yesterday.

In New Zealand we have a weekly TV programme called Fair Go which looks into consumer complaints. I will approach them if there is not a solution from the company acceptable to me.

There is also a NZ website called no cowboys that I will use to raise awareness of this company if things are not sorted.

Clearly this post is an indication to the company about the adverse publicity that the company will get on social media if it does not sort this.

It seems likely this will end up in the NZ Small Claims Court (Disputes Tribunal).

Hopefully everything will get sorted out eventually.

The company claimed $70-$80 will cover the cost for me to et a company in to remove the stains.

It has in the last few minutes increased its offer to $180.

For two visits the cost (based on two companies used by insurance companies) is likely to be $320-$370 at least.

Since the company has been unsuccessful removing the stains, any further attempt is likely to not be successful.

Lucy (Treatme) will hopefully be able to help.

Maybe I should wear a tutu. I’ll be pirouetting on the spot soon if I go round in circles any faster. Maybe I should become a whirling dervish?

I’ll keep you all posted.

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