Crypto’s demise: Bitcoin drops 13% today to below $4850 (new 2018 low); Ripple below 50c; Ethereum below $150

Crypto’s demise He became more depressed than hysteric Through the floor from famed skies atmospheric Shame to new moon Same blamed buffoon Named crypto’s demise so esoteric Alan Grace 18 November 2018 Daily prompt: Nov 18 Atmospheric Update. See: Below $5K: Bitcoin Drops $500 to Set New 2018 Low – CoinDesk 8 hours…

Why Bitcoin Dropped over 10% in one hour on 6 September

Stay away Don’t buy any cryptocurrency please Over nigh nineteen hundred currencies Wonder why her wallet went One red day shed ten percent Stay away dead these keep thy head at ease Alan Grace 8 September 2018 Why Bitcoin Dropped over 10% in one hour on 6 September Over the past two days, the valuation…

Bitcoin bluff

Bitcoin bluff Enough to make a blind man blush Won’t bluff against a royal flush Market timing’s futile Bitcoin’s too volatile Don’t start blind man’s buff fool’s gold rush Alan Grace 20 March 2018 daily prompt: Blush Animal Alpha – Deep In His life has been stolen from him I’ve got it perfectly right, it…

Buying Bitcoin: Newsflash- Bitcoin under $7500; Ripple under 58 cents

Buying Bitcoin Buying Bitcoin use your patience You must sit sans past complacence Don’t you pass smart class clown Crypto slow up fast down Sit on hands and use common sense Alan Grace 19 March 2018 Daily prompt: Patience In about two weeks Bitcoin has dropped about $3500. See: At 8.25 am this morning NZ time:

Bursting Bitcoin bubble: Bitcoin under $8000 again; Ripple under 64 cents

Bursting Bitcoin bubble Great bubble’s burst rate will incubate Past due date first inflate start birthrate Don’t you pass smart class clown Go slow up faster down Fixate checkmate on fate late floodgate Alan Grace 18 March 2018 Daily prompt: Incubate Google will bans ads for cryptocurrencies, wallets, and exchanges on its platforms. See video…

Ipso facto Crypto: Bitcoin under $10,000; Ripple under 88 cents

Ipso facto Crypto Crypto don’t interact or make a contact Know a true fact that two opposites attract No there won’t be any So don’t risk a penny Oh quit Bitcoin and Ripple contract impact Alan Grace 8 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fact At 3.10 pm today NZ time:

Cryptocurrency crash? Will Bitcoin lose two thirds its peak value?

Cryptocurrency crash? The market’s drowned I’m lost for words Cryptocurrency’s for the birds A basket case Let market chase Permit Bitcoin cost down two thirds Alan Grace 6 February 2018 Daily prompt: Permit I was tempted to change the second line to: Cryptocurrencies feeds/seeds the birds but I decided to leave it as it was….

The Bitcoin bandit

The Bitcoin bandit The Bitcoin bandit band self-branded Hot Cryptos caught red-handed candid Not handed more What banned back door Landed stranded canned empty-handed Alan Grace 23 January 2018 Daily prompt: Candid See:

The Bitcoin loser

The Bitcoin loser A Bitcoin investor minor leaguer Came into the market overeager Understand he is in trouble Out of hand Bitcoin’s a bubble

Bitcoin bubble II

Bitcoin bubble II Please fuse our inheritance airtight Don’t choose to invest without foresight We are in trouble Bitcoin’s a bubble

Bitcoin bubble

Bitcoin bubble You need to be very wary Two eyes wide open not bleary You are in trouble Bitcoin’s a bubble

COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: New Year Fare ~ Contents

COVID Odyssey Contents (see below for Contents) You can come back to this page from the HOME/ CONTENTS menu from: COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: New Year Fare ~ Contents (Hover over the HOME/ CONTENTS menu at the top of the screen) COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace Alan Grace’s journey exploring COVID-19. Findings (See #6 below)….

Perplexed II

Perplexed II Vexed by hypertext we read perplexed We worry wonder what will work next Tipped Low flown down under Crypto blown asunder Are these currencies bizarrely hexed Alan Grace 14 September 2018   Perplexed Crypto memes perplexed vexation Screams woe eternal damnation Themes tho all success Dreams no falls I guess Seems show small…

Gimme cake V

Gimme cake V Oh so famine stop grow feast Hope tho crypto drop lo ceased May jaywalk to sidewalk Pray baulk at new snide talk Fork me cake to eat at least Alan Grace 11 September 2018   Gimme cake IV Oh what a famine or feast Show me cake to eat at least Don’t…

Crypto diet: Chinese fried rice

Crypto diet: Chinese fried rice True you may jaywalk to sidewalk Baulk or fall for all new snide talk Why do prices entice Sly try to buy it twice Chinese diet rice and fried pork Alan Grace 9 September 2018   I don’t think the Canadian $20 Bitcoin Bucket can be paid for with this…

Gimme cake IV

Gimme cake IV Oh what a famine or feast Show me cake to eat at least Don’t let it drop Lo a great plop Hope crypto flip-flop deceased Alan Grace 10 September 2018 Plop Plop Poetry Gimme cake III Oh what a famine or feast Hope that crypto drop has ceased Don’t jaywalk to sidewalk…

Greed vs fear II

Greed vs fear II The clock tolled we’d be in for a shock Bitcoin no way solid as a rock Though millions may yearn More zillions to earn Just wait for the next downturn tick tock Alan Grace 24 July 2018 Daily prompts: Shock Clock Poetry Today Bitcoin is now under $7750, Ethereum under $455,…

Crypto curtain call

Crypto curtain call Very few can make a great haul New short fall can be your downfall Traditional view Applies to you too Great fall will be our curtain call Alan Grace 7 April 2018 NB. My social media detox starts this afternoon. Daily prompt: Haul Which view of my posts do you like best?…

Before I Die

Originally posted on The Lonely Author:
Before I Die . Before I die I will write a song so you can hear how love should sing. Take a selfie in clown face to remind you laughter heals everything. Give you all of the possessions I ever lost because appreciation is the key. On my final…

Crypto Roller Coaster

Crypto Roller Coaster Heart pounding my mouth agasp White-knuckled my fists I clasp Stomach churning inside A roller coaster ride Profits falling from my grasp Alan Grace 14 March 2018 Daily prompt: Grasp Churn

Crypto sidelines

Crypto sidelines Cryptocurrencies are captivating Though best to stay on the sidelines waiting Don’t be a clown Less up than down Potential losses are aggravating Alan Grace 13 March 2018 Daily prompt: Captivating

Be on the Crypto sidelines

Be on the Crypto sidelines Crypto prices will meander Can’t smooth with electric sander Don’t be a clown Less up than down It’s best to be a bystander Alan Grace 12 March 2018 So much for a social media detox. This post is dedicated to my latest follower. See: Daily prompt: Meander   Kubla Khan…

Wanna do the time warp (again)?

Wanna do the time warp? Is talk of trouble bubble overrated Bitcoin hyperdrive move up fabricated Will the fabric of time Prove more warped than sublime Staying away may be appreciated Alan Grace 5 March 2018 Daily prompt: Fabric Bitcoin is now over $5000 above it’s lowest point this year when it was below $6500….


Bitcon My brain is now on remote control Crypto profit way down the drain-hole A Bitcoin scrambler Going to Gambler Anonymous today to enroll Alan Grace 7 February 2018 Daily prompt: Enroll See: NZ Herald 7 February 2018 p B4 (from South China Morning Post): Bitcoin in China Block Also see: China moves to crush…

Crypto silhouette

Crypto silhouette Birth debts dearth crypto cash silhouette Worth less with earthquake crash pirouette For heavens sake You have to break Eggs to make a great flash omelette Alan Grace 27 January 2018 Daily prompt: Silhouette See: Also see:

Crypto death knell alarm bell

Crypto death knell alarm bell Phones ringtone’s sing own well-known shrill trill Whole and semi-tone bring boding ill Own-goal keystone drop zone full-blown Lone prone milestone headstone millstone Will chill cyclone dead zone backbone kill Alan Grace 26 January 2018 Daily prompt: Trill See: This guy didn’t buy (still lost his shirt and life):

Don’t wait … More timely bad advice?

Don’t wait Sky high rise in prize price lies in horizon Fly wisened by guys with eyes in and ties in Market and spy pies in sky buys Buy more galore before surprise Wise guy buys in near sheer high size rise flies in Alan Grace 21 January 2018 Daily prompt: Horizon See:

Bad advice

Bad advice If you think cryptocurrency won’t shrink Do not hoodwink yourself or doublethink If you are the link missing Money goodbye you’re kissing Buy now and do not stop to think or blink Alan Grace 20 January 2018 Daily prompt: Blink See:

Greed vs fear

Greed vs fear He wrote we may be in for a shock Bitcoin no way solid as a rock Though millions may yearn More zillions to earn Just wait for the next downturn tick tock Alan Grace 19 January 2018 Daily prompt: Shock Bitcoin was under $10,000 yesterday and Ripple less than $1. Ripple is…

The Prima Ballerina III

The Prima Ballerina III A ballet queen extremely elegant My prima ballerina elephant This dance genius is my muse In green tutus and ballet shoes Her purchases hardly extravagant Alan Grace 18 January 2018 She’s extremely agile and light on her feet- the tightrope doesn’t appear to be bending! She’s thinking about buying cryptocurrency but…

Cryptocurrency update: losses over last 7 days common 30% to 48.5%

A slight bounce back in the last hour maybe caused by Bitcoin going down towards  $10,000. Don’t buy cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are very fragile Their movements by minute very agile Don’t buy them less you Lose your money too Currencies currently too volatile Alan Grace 18 January 2018 Daily Prompt:  Agile Notes: Other people will tell…

The legend ends

The legend ends Don’t be on the knife’s bleeding edge end Don’t stand on Life’s skyscraper ledge end Understand We are in trouble Out of hand Bitcoin’s a bubble