Newsflash: Bitcoin goes down to 1/3 of its peak value.

Dead cat bounce

Should I crawl, bawl or should I pounce stall
Will market bounce announce catcall wrawl
All basket cases
Till market chases
Could ounce dead cat bounce still trounce down fall

Alan Grace
6 February 2018

Please permit me to convey this news in this extra post.

Daily prompt: Permit


At is peak in December last year (2017), Bitcoin was worth $19,500.

This afternoon Bitcoin was worth less than $6500 (just after 3.30pm New Zealand Time, NZT), less than 1/3 of its peak value.

Ripple was worth less than 65 cents.

Will there be another dead cat bounce soon?

Will this signal the bursting of the bubble?


Update: At 4.15pm (NZT, below), all top 20 cryptocurrencies except Tether and most other cryptocurrencies were all down over 20% in the last 24 hours. See:


Just after 3.15 pm:




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