COVID-19 NZ Couriers: The Tortoise, The Hare, and the Snail; CourierPost is the Latest Loser! Talk about Snail Mail!

Sadly Pet Depot is no longer providing good service. Cat food ordered on 2 July was not ready for the courier to pick up until 10 July- over a week! Today (14 July) we are still waiting for the food to be delivered ūüė¶

CourierPost is the Latest Loser: 18 days to deliver a parcel!
A very late Mother’s Day present for Jenny from ThinLizzy.

In New Zealand, in one seven day period we made three online orders to three companies.

Each company used a different courier company for delivery.

Our orders arrived in reverse order of my purchases.

Our first order arrived last, my last order arrived first:

  • NZ Couriers:¬† ¬† 1 day to deliver (2 days from order)
  • Aramex:¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†3 days to deliver (9 days from order)
    (Aramex had been on TV news about slow delivery)
  • CourierPost: 18 days to deliver (20 days from order)
    (put in our letterbox- not where we specified)

Below are our orders:
(Company; Order time; Courier; Pickup time; Delivery time)

  • Pet Depot: 12/5 11.22 am; NZ Couriers: 12/5 4.12 pm; 13/5 3:10 pm
  • Briscoes:¬† ¬† ¬†9/5 1.29 pm; Aramex: 15/5 5:14 pm; 18/5 8:11 am
  • ThinLizzy:¬† 6/5 6:50 pm;¬† CourierPost:¬† 8/5 11:43; 26/5 3:57pm

Below is the tracking from the Courier Companies:






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