Don’t be angry or sad: Recycle old prompts

Don’t be angry or sad: Recycle old prompts

Recycle old prompts with me
Daily Prompts have stopped sadly
What was the purpose?
Not to usurp us?
You’re all welcome to join me

Alan Grace
2 June 2018

Daily prompts:

Please join me in recycling these prompts. Just use these in the normal way for previous prompts.
The best way is to use these prompts yourself so that your followers are aware of them.


Don’t sit on your hands!



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  1. AlanGraceNZ says:

    Reblogged this on WordPress Feedback and Prompts and commented:

    To submit your own post for this prompt, comment on this post.
    In your post (on your site) include the full post link (see the URL at the top of this page starting with
    so that a comment (pingback) will automatically be created on this post on this site.

    I will ReBlog your post so that your post will appear on this site.

    Please ignore the instructions in the ReBlog below.


  2. AlanGraceNZ says:

    Thanks Tracy. I’ll have a look. Probably good if you can paste links here. I decided to recycle old prompts because the infrastructure for the Daily Prompts is already set up and everyone who has contributed knows how to use it 🙂 Also saves me from thinking up new prompts myself;)


  3. Hi Alan, you could always jump into some of the other blogger-initiated daily prompts. Just search up Dee Kelly from Thriving, Not Surviving, or Fandango from This, That and the Other or the one by Curious Steph. Cheers.

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