More about joining The Cat’s PAJAMAS (aka the K-Plus group)

Are you interested in joining The Cat’s PAJAMAS (Pets, Animals, Jokes, Anecdotes, Musings, Amusements, & Sayings)?

This group is a private Google+ Group that is free to join (and has no membership fee) for anyone in New Zealand.

Please use your real name (not a pseudonym) when joining the group.

To join the group, see Part A and part B below.
Use Part A to create a free Gmail address (if you do not already have one).
See Part B to request to join the group (just two clicks).

Below is a link to the current page (in my blog) if you wish to email it to anyone that you think may like to join the group:


To join the group, see Part A and part B below.


Part A. You will need a  Gmail account/ gmail email address (these are the same thing).

You will need a Gmail login/ address (an email account ending in if you want to join the group. Anyone who has used Google + (Google Plus), Google Docs or uses an email address ending in will use this Gmail address to login.

If you do not have a Gmail address (an email account ending in, you can create a free Gmail account here:

You can also search for your own name here (if you think you already have a Gmail login):


Part B. Join The Cat’s PAJAMAS group.

The easiest way to join the group (once you have a gmail email address) is to go to

and Click on ‘Ask to JOIN’:


Please read the Guidelines at the bottom of this link.


You can also use my Contact page to email me if you wish to join (and have any problems).

Please send me a message using your usual email address, including in the message your Gmail address (an email address ending in, your First name, your Last name, and your suburb.



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