Post #1,000. Farewell. No Green Bottles. Today’s prompts for 1 May 2022: GREEN & SCARS

Green, green grass or battlefield?
Peaceful sight or blind mind feel?
Standing still or running away?
Time for your dreams or no time left today?

. . .

Real love or real fake?
Real life or living hate?
Do we see each other or do we dance in the rain?
Do we see the scars or do we feel the pain?
Do we look for a reason or don’t we hesitate?

A Yorkshire Poet (Excerpts)

This is post #1,000 in this blog.

After 1,000 posts in this blog it is time to say Farewell.

It is time for the AAAmazing Phoenix to rest in peace.

A very big thank you to everyone who has followed this blog or liked my posts.

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This month’s WordPress prompt is GREEN (for April 2022).
Combine GREEN and today’s daily prompt (recycled from 2016) if you wish.

For prompts that you may like to recycle from 2016 see:
(change the page number for more recent prompts)

Below is a list for April and May 2016 that you may like to recycle yourself (in bold are some that I have used since April this year):

Apr 1 Colorful
Apr 2 Handwriting
Apr 3 Clarity
Apr 4 Contrast
Apr 5 Street
Apr 6 Faraway
Apr 7 Tricky
Apr 8 Superstition
Apr 9 Green
Apr 10 Misplaced
Apr 11 Newspaper
Apr 12 Bedtime
Apr 13 Giggle
Apr 14 Suitcase
Apr 15 Snap
Apr 16 Disaster
Apr 17 Breath
Apr 18 Closet
Apr 19 Fake
Apr 20 Fog
Apr 21 Locked
Apr 22 Earth
Apr 23 Disappointment
Apr 24 Borrowed
Apr 25 Whisper
Apr 26 Crossroads
Apr 27 Mask
Apr 28 Solitude
Apr 29 Curve
Apr 30 Stairway
May 1 Scars
May 2 Music
May 3 Abandoned
May 4 Hope
May 5 Beach
May 6 Shadow
May 7 Sacrifice
May 8 Stroll
May 9 Chaos
May 10 Diverse
May 11 Generation
May 12 Survival
May 13 Vision
May 14 Underestimate
May 15 Healthy
May 16 Buddy
May 17 South
May 18 Flourish
May 19 Pensive
May 20 Brick
May 21 Sing
May 22 Saga
May 23 Dream
May 24 Phase
May 25 Grain
May 26 Countless
May 27 Fork
May 28 Epitome
May 29 Orderly
May 30 Blank
May 31 Circus

I suggest that the WordPress monthly prompt initiative is likely to be more successful if we combine the prompt GREEN each day with the daily prompt for the same date in 2016.

Sadly new posts cannot be added to the old WordPress daily prompts again!  See:

Black is the new Easter Green; 16 Green Bottles #Green#Bottle

Monthly prompt site:

The prompt for 1 May 2016 was SCARS:

The prompt for 9 April 2016 was GREEN:


You can find resources below:

Resources for prompt: Green

For Green Bottles see:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER

The countdown is over!

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GREEN was also a prompt on 9 April 2016. See:
(you may still be able to add your own post to the list by including the above link anywhere in a post).

Prompts for all of April 2016 are below.

Don’t look below if you want each day’s new prompt to be a surprise.

Challenge: How many of these prompts for April 2016 can you use in one post?

We will recycle these prompts for the corresponding date for the rest of this month. See:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER


For a list of daily prompts for April 2016 see:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER

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