Bonus Green Bottle 2. First NZ Matariki public holiday on 24 June! Perhaps visit Peter the Dinosaur? Today’s prompts: GREEN & STRONG & OPEN

On 24 June is New Zealand’s First Matariki public holiday. Perhaps you may like to visit Peter the dinosaur at the Auckland Museum? Viewing open for free!

Matariki signals the Māori New  Year. Traditionally, Matariki was a time to acknowledge the dead and to release their spirits to become stars. It was also a time to reflect, to be thankful to the gods for the harvest, to feast and to share the bounty of the harvest with family and friends. See:

Tirohia ake ngā whetu
Me ko Matariki e ārau ana
He tiki mai tahau i ngā mahara e kohi nei
Whakarerea ake e nā te roimata koua riringi
He puna wai kai aku kamo…

I gaze up to the stars
To the assembly of Matariki
Captured are my memories of you who have left me behind
Tears rippling
like springs in my eyes. 1

My mother passed last October. See:

1 Green Bottle. Today’s prompts for 30 April 2022: GREEN & STAIRWAY


For original version see:
Steam Shovel by Charles Malam – Your Daily Poem

My version was originally written for my friend Peter.


Also see:

T-Rex: Peter & Barbara meet at Auckland Museum

An acrostic for Matariki:



Kia Kaha.

Stay Strong.

Enjoy Matariki.

Keep an open  mind.


Kia Kaha and keep an open mind.

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Daily prompt: Open. Be open WordPress


Kia kaha is a Māori phrase used by the people of New Zealand as an affirmation, meaning stay strong.


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This month’s WORDPROMPT is OPEN (June):


May:     STRONG


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