COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up ~ NZ COVID-19 Poll~ How may vaccination rates affect a worst-case scenario?

New Zealand currently has about 34% (about 1/3) of its population over 12 fully vaccinated. For Norway the percentage is 67 % (about 2/3).
When New Zealand reaches 67% fully vaccinated, which of the following estimates do you think provides the most suitable worst-case scenario for New Zealand over the next 12 months?

a) 1,300,000 cases and 7,000 deaths (Professor Hendy estimate).
b) 500,000 cases and 2,100 deaths.
c) 185,000 cases and 2,100 deaths.
d) 185,000 cases and 850 deaths.
e) 12,000 cases and 80 deaths.
f) 4,100 cases and 30 deaths.

To view the poll, see:

Also see:

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Below are the results from the first 10 votes on a New Zealand social media App (Neighbourly):


First 20 votes:


First 30 votes:


All votes:


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