COVID-19 USA: Are any days of the week consistently high or low?

I heard a rumour earlier this week that Sunday in the USA had consistently low values (perhaps because it was in the weekend?).

We look to see if any days of the week (Monday to Sunday) have consistently high or low values. We use data from here:

For the number of confirmed Cases:


Note: Colours may be ambiguous.

We see that until mid-April, three days have consistently high values/ ranking (Saturday, Friday, and Thursday).

From the last week in April four days have low values/ ranking and three days have high ranking.

Sunday is in  the bottom two days in March and in the top two from mid-April.

Monday appears most consistently at the bottom or near the bottom.

Below is the bar graph:


The rumour was later amended to refer to deaths.

Below is the graph:


Until mid-April, Saturday and Thursday appear consistently in the top two days.

Only Monday appears consistently at the bottom or in the bottom two days.

Sunday is consistently in the bottom two days in March.

We note that Sunday does not appear consistently in April in the top or bottom two days in either the number of cases or deaths.

These pdfs may be easier to view:



Below are the tables of Data:




The data depends on the site you get it from and the cut-off time (e.g. Midnight GMT). It may also depend on whether probable cases are included. Using data from
the graph below (From Tuesday 7 April)is obtained:



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