COVID-19: NZ is doing well

NZ is doing well

New Zealand is doing extremely well
Is the lockdown working how can we tell?
Our cases are fine
They form a straight line
Despite people being stupid as hell

Alan Grace
4 April 2020

Please be considerate of other people when you are on foot on the road or footpath.

We went for a walk in our street yesterday.

A jogger came towards us on the footpath. When he was some distance away (over 20 metres) my partner fell over trying to quickly get off the footpath to stay out of his way. Being over 70, she is very concerned over COVID-19.

She is still very sore this morning. Her hands were bleeding after her fall; her head, leg, arms, and hands very sore.

We did not know the jogger. If the jogger had only signaled he was going to turn into our driveway to get to his flat in the house next door to us, her injuries could have been avoided. He may not even be aware that her injuries were a result of his jogging towards us. He did stop to ask if she was OK.

If you are going fast on foot or on a bike, please consider others near you especially on the footpath.

It is also amazing how dumb Hospitals and even the Minister of Health can be in this crisis.

Was a surgeon (Dr Stephanie Ulmer) expected to put herself and her patients at risk?

Did the Minister of Health expect people to put themselves at risk rescuing him if he was injured mountain biking?




The graph of New Zealand cases of COVID-19 remained linear (a straight line) yesterday.

Although it is sad that New Zealand currently has 868 cases of COVID-19, a straight line is likely the best possible outcome presently (New Zealand has only been on lockdown for just over a week yesterday), a very unexpected result that is not likely to last long.


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