Poor Peter

Poor Peter and Petunia

Be[a]t Pete’s fleet smile faded low
Jaded there could be no show
He would not eclipse
Pet’s sweet tender lips
Proposal not a propos

Alan Grace
30 August 2018


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Her Writing Haven

guy-2617866_1280He came to her
With eyes sparkling bright
It was half past two
In the middle of the night

He was grinning wide
From ear to ear
And had a message for her
That was crystal clear

She winked at him
Then went back to sleep
He was left dazed and confused
Yet made not a peep

His mischievous smile faded
As he gave up the go
Accepting the sad truth
That there would be no show

© 2018 Michelle Cook

This is Peter’s side of the story, you can find Petunia’s here.

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