Face(book) down II

Face(book) down II

Now many will see abient
Facebook’s negative gradient
Late sky high churn rate
And a price fall fate
May make faces turn radiant

Alan Grace
5 April 2018

Daily prompts:

Which version do you prefer?

COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: My vir[tu]al COVID-19 journey

Face(book) down

Now many will see abient
Facebook’s negative gradient
When price fails deeper down
We’ll see less score a frown
Faces will look more radiant

Alan Grace
3 April 2018

Daily prompt: Radiant

Zucked out Facebook share price – latest stock value after shares fall by more than the value of Starbucks following Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal
Facebook suffered its biggest stock market plunge since 2012 as concerns grew over the social network’s handling of user data.

FACEBOOK’S shares nosedived after a major privacy blunder wiped more than £67 billion ($95billion) off the company’s value.

That drop is greater than the total market value of major corporations such as chip-maker Qualcomm ($85billion), Starbucks ($81billion) and Costco ($80billion).

See: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/5853280/facebook-share-price-value-latest-cambridge-analytica-stock-price/


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