Cryptocurrencies down 20% in 24 hours

Below are the latest prices for Cryptocurrencies. Look at the graphs.
It look like there may be a little bounceback currently.
Compare the prices with the figures in the reblog.
Bitcoin now over $6000 dollars below price on 12 December 😦

Update: Still going down at 5.15pm NZ Time today 😦

Cryptocurrency urgency

What is the current market urgency
To cryptocurrency divergency
The mantra’s liturgic
The market’s allergic
To cryptocurrency emergency

Alan Grace
6 January 2018


If this look like a loophole to you, don’t jump into this, think carefully before you die buy.

Daily Prompt: Loophole


Prices 2.30pm NZ time 17 January 2018:


Update: Still going down at 5.15pm NZ Time today (Bitcoin under $11,000 down almost 19% in 24 hours; Ripple down from $1.21 to $1.07 down over 34% in 24 hours):



COVID Odyssey: Alan Grace's vir[tu]al journey

Can you afford to lose 20% in 24 hours?


Below are tables of the top 20 cryptocurrencies over a period of about 20 minutes from just before 8.15pm Friday 22 December 2017 NZ time (showing change from 24 hours earlier).

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  1. Cryptocurrency something new to me. Thanks for sharing.

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