Cryptocurrencies down 20% in 24 hours

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Can you afford to lose 20% in 24 hours? See: Below are tables of the top 20 cryptocurrencies over a period of about 20 minutes from just before 8.15pm Friday 22 December 2017 NZ time (showing change from 24 hours earlier). Hardly a miraculous profit 😦 Daily prompt:  Miraculous

Some Distant Day

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“Enigma” by Halina Grzyb ? answers aren’t important it’s the questions that matter the fashion of wonder confronting obscurities only by asking tomorrow may bodies move forward in time every footprint of progress embedded with traces of inquest compelled by the curious instinct life at its best is a…

Own goal

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Own goal By the time I’ve ended this post The year will be over almost In June I had half-charted The new journey I started My blue sky Post a Day goalpost Alan Grace 31 December 2017 Daily prompt: Almost The year is almost gone and I have now…