The Longest of Goodbyes

My mum has dementia (not Alzheimers). Every time we see her she has deteriorated. We are on tenterhooks awaiting the inevitable.

Daily prompt: Tenterhooks



Broken into pieces,

Shattered and afraid.

I see it in your eyes,

An empty silent gaze.

I hold your hand, in my hand.

Not knowing what to do.

You’re lost to me forever.

I can’t fix this part of you.

For years, I’ve watched you slip away.

Becoming frail and oh so weak.

A man of strength and stature.

I watch in disbelief.

By a demon, you were taken.

By a force that knows no cure.

This sad and empty feeling

Too painful to endure.

A twisted maze of tangles.

Too many to untie.

The light’s turned into darkness,

In this …. The longest of goodbyes.


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  1. Shweta says:

    How tragic! My grandad is losing himself everyday and he has forgotten almost everything. It really is like you can physically see the person but can never forget what she/he used to at be in the past. it’s like death.

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  2. JL says:

    I am going through the same thing with my mother, she has first stages of dementia. She goes in, and out and helping her with some legal issues she was placed in due to others trying to take advantage of her. I have been on tenterhooks too. It’s not fun seeing your mother like this.

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Thank you for sharing. Definitely not fun at all.

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  3. AlanGraceNZ says:

    Thank you everyone for your support

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  4. Hi, Alan. I certainly can relate, to what you’re going thru. Words cannot adequately convey the pain you must be feeling. Thinking of you and your mum. Blessings!


  5. I’m sorry to hear that, it’s tragic. It’s an elongated loss. It hurts. My mother had several strokes before she died and I remember getting the call and driving 400 miles to get to the hospital and being ushered into her room. She was annoyed when the nurse turned on the light so we could talk, but she didn’t know who I was, or even that I was there. It was a moment in time I’ll never forget, it was as though I’d been completely erased.

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    1. AlanGraceNZ says:

      Thanks for sharing. We doubt our mum remembers us. She was always there for us and now it’s our time to offer her support.


      1. Awesome your able and willing to be there for her. Your love and dedication, touches my heart and soul.

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