COVID-19 Resthome Care NZ: Happy Mother’s day Mum

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

The issues we have with mum’s resthome care may not just be because of COVID-19.

Thanks for joining me in

Suspect Healthcare Incidents and Poor Resthome Elderly Customer Service


Suspect House[-marketing] Incidents and Poor Real Estate Customer Service

On this page we will be looking at:

Suspect Healthcare Incidents and Poor Resthome Elderly Customer Service

My mother (94) is in Lynton Lodge, a resthome in New Zealand with hosital level care.

Mum has dementia (not Alzheimers). She does not know us and does not remember we have been there once we leave.


My mother would never complain- sometimes a complaint is necessary to ensure a loved-one is looked after properly.

Below is part of an email and my formal complaint after a phone call to David Grainger (co-owner of Lynton Lodge) when my mother’s wedding ring was “lost” at Lynton Lodge.


Staff at Lynton Lodge knew mum’s wedding ring was missing over a month before Lynne noticed it was not on mum’s finger. It is very disappointing Lynne was not notified.

Since a valuable item like a ring is property, All three of us should have been notified.
Recall Rex and I have joint EPA Property.

Dear David

I am disappointed with your lack of cooperation during Monday’s phone call.

I still have not received the list/information that you promised to send me by the end of this week.

It is disappointing that I have to spend the time and effort to submit a formal complaint in order to get our family’s concerns taken seriously and to obtain action to address our family’s concerns.

My formal complaint is attached:

[Complaint/ Outcome will be found here]

Yours faithfully

Alan Grace

Mum in the past has always been there for us:


[posted in advance of Mother’s Day- Mum will not know]

You may like this poem:

The Longest of Goodbyes

Broken into pieces,

Shattered and afraid.

I see it in your eyes,

An empty silent gaze.

I hold your hand, in my hand.

Not knowing what to do.

You’re lost to me forever.

I can’t fix this part of you.

For years, I’ve watched you slip away.

Becoming frail and oh so weak.

A man of strength and stature.

I watch in disbelief.

By a demon, you were taken.

By a force that knows no cure.

This sad and empty feeling

Too painful to endure.

A twisted maze of tangles.

Too many to untie.

The light’s turned into darkness,

In this …. The longest of goodbyes.

Patty Richardson

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Suspect House[-marketing] Incidents and Poor Real Estate Customer Service

The Longest of Goodbyes

The Longest of Goodbyes

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