Farewell Robyn (Neighbourly, Titirangi)


Robyn has been sacked as a Titirangi Lead and is no longer on Neighbourly 😦

Robyn, it is sad to see you go. We will miss you. Or rather almost all of us will.

Your departure from Neighbourly saddens most of us.


Update: Robyn is a member again but is not a Lead … more info


Robyn, You have made a massive contribution to Neighbourly. No air quotes needed here.

You have spent your time helping to grow Neighbourly in Titirangi and Nearby Neighbourhoods in West Auckland.

You became a member of Neighbourly close to when Neighbourly began.

I believe you were the first or second Lead, and an inaugural member.

You have personally invited over 300 people to Neighbourly, at least 315 from memory.

You gave your valuable time to help members, like the one who had her fridge repaired but the repairman didn’t solve the problem … more info.

As a lawyer your time is particularly valuable.


I hope after all your time and effort, you do not grieve for Neighbourly.

You may like to read this poem that I posted in the Leads Forum a couple of years ago when I was a Lead myself.


Neighbourly members, feel free to leave a comment for Robyn if you wish.


Note: Please Read until the end. As usual there’s a twist 😉


Robyn, you need to understand that the Neighbourly Team (NT) sets high standards for their Leads.

They like to treat Leads like movie stars, put them on a high pedestal, want them to be really top-shelf.

NT expects you to act like the movie star, like …. what’s his name?


You need to appreciate Robyn that Neighbourly cannot have their members, especially Leads, post inappropriate content. To repeat this behaviour several times in a few days could not be tolerated.

NT had no option but to take you to task and remind you of your responsibilities as a Lead. Such behaviour needed to be treated really harshly.


Neighbourly simply cannot have their Leads behave in the way you did. The pictures you posted are unacceptable.

NT cannot have members doing this. And to add humour to your posts was the final straw.


I hope you understand now that for NT posting pictures of nice fur babies is beyond the pale.

NT simply cannot have all these cats on Neighbourly.

NT simply cannot have even a couple of members complaining about all these fluffy fur balls taking over Neighbourly.



Oh, I remember the name of that movie star now. The epitome of the ideal Lead. Such a perfect example of the qualities required for a true lead and so incredibly hard to emulate online.

A Lead from a nearby neighbourhood sent me an email a few days ago, feeling really frustrated that regardless of what she wanted to do to help grow Neighbourly, she was getting no support from NT.

Perhaps she too needs to learn what NT expects from their Leads.


Oh, I just realised I haven’t told you the name of that movie star. The one that all movie stars want in their home.

Likely a model Lead in NT’s view.

His name is (drumroll please) ….








Here it comes ….






Wait for it ….






Wait for it ….











Oscar: The Ideal/ Model Lead


How many of you expected this name to come up?


For NT, the ideal Lead needs to remain silent, and do nothing; to sum up: act and behave like a statue.

i.e. Do what all the three current Titirangi Leads (and many other Leads) are doing.


Of the current three Leads remaining in Titirangi after you left, only one appears to have any accepted invites, two of them in fact.

They all have started less than 10 posts.

A perfect example of what NT expects of its Leads.

Maybe some “memes” may help you understand the error of your ways Robyn:


How on earth could you manage to stay under NT’s radar and achieve so little like these other Leads in Titirangi?

You wanted to make a difference; to help Neighbourly grow and become conceptually what we believe in.

Have we been sold a “bill of goods”? This is a rhetorical question and hopefully not one that will puzzle you!


When I was a Lead, One of my posts had the following heading:

Neighbourly: Big Brother? Nanny State? Police State? Cyber Nazis? I hope not!

It may even remain in the Leads Forum today. Leads only may be able to see this post.


Which of the above best describes Neighbourly?

I still hope none do but I fear that my hope may be in vain!


Robyn, how can we place a figure (dollar amount) on your contribution to Neighbourly?

I am sure NT has done the sums. When you consider the downhill  exponential growth of Neighbourly (the new members invited by members you invited to join Neighbourly and members invited by these new members …) achieved by the 300+ members who joined Neighbourly through your invites, I would not be surprised if a realistic figure could be $10,000 per member.

So Robyn, this amounts to over three million dollars!

Of course Robyn, it is not the dollar amount that interests us Robyn.

Almost all of us appreciate what you have done for us and what you have done to make Neighbourly in our area more interesting.

Before all the numbers became somewhat inaccurate, your help enabled Neighbourly Titirangi become for some time one of the top five suburbs in New Zealand in terms of membership.

All the best Robyn.

Keep in touch.

Almost all of us are saddens by your departure.

We will remember you.

Now we know you were serious in your last post 😦

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