Super Blue Blood Moon

Great poem. Sadly too cloudy last night in NZ to see the moon 😦
You may like to look at:


Source: NZ Herald Thursday 1 February 2018 page A10. Maybe we won’t have to wait 150 years after all for the next triple treat?



Poesy plus Polemics

blutmond-2015 Image From Pravda-TV

fat with portent

three mysteries

join the dawn sky

blood of moonfire

sets alight fears

dread of prophecy

awful and dire

some minds have such

terrible powers

to conjure calamity

caught up in

moments occult

fraught with omen

impending events

turned by hands

of inimical gods

while the most of us

undisturbed lay ourselves

into our slumber and

comfortably wonder of

peace and contentment

as sedative privileges

gifts to be had from

embracing a rare

and miraculous sky

*  *  * * * * * * *

“In the early hours of January 31, 2018, the moon will do something it hasn’t since 1866. A supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse will coincide for a rare and spectacular astronomical feast. It’s known as a Super Blue Blood Moon. Our faithful satellite will shine big, bright—and red.” – NASA

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