Our street blocked for 5th day in Titirangi

When we were walking home yesterday (Wednesday) work was finally being undertaken on the slip. Hopefully we can drive out of our street today.
Yay. We managed to get our car out of the street this morning!!!!!!
See pictures below.
Our power and water turned off on Friday afternoon.
It is now Wednesday. We still cannot drive our car out of our street.
Our mobile phones were very low on power on Sunday. We took a bus to New Lynn and then into the city (no trains were running) and charged our phones on the bus.
New Lynn Library was closed (maybe for the long Auckland Anniversary weekend?) so we couldn’t charge our phones at the library.
To get our first bus we had to walk about 1.9 km to our nearest bus stop in the direction of the city since AT (Auckland transport) “improved” Auckland bus timetables several years ago.

Our power came on Sunday around 7.17 pm.
Our water came on early Tuesday morning. We noticed this around 3.15 am and quickly had our first shower since Friday in case the water went back off again. Until then we used our water tank to fill buckets to flush the toilets.

Jenny did two loads of washing.

We had some flooding in our rumpus room downstairs.

Our street had a landslide blocking it about 50m from our home so we can’t get out of the street.
The landslide came from in front of house in front of us (it uses our drive). Lucky this house is still on its foundations (just).

Wood Bay Road is still blocked about 50m from our house. We cannot get our car out of the street. We live near the end of a cul de sac (no exit street).

Until a kind neighbour cleared a path on the far side of the road, the only way out on foot was through a neighbour’s property, to another neighbour’s property on the other side of the slip.

On Tuesday we dragged our rubbish bin to the other side of the slip. Fortunately our rubbish was collected.

Below is a picture of the blocked road. It is amazing that the pongas (tree ferns) stayed upright.

The car pictured was a work car. It had its back windscreen broken and some clay and damage on the rear.

It narrowly missed being under the landslide.

The tenanted house in the next picture is below ours and has access off our drive. This is where the slip happened.

The for sale sign by our drive can be seen in the distance in the next picture. I don’t think there will be any viewings for a while. A neighbour commented that at least the for sale sign stayed upright.

We are on top of the hill.


Thursday morning … We can now drive along the road. Pictures taken before any work started today.
Note the foundations of the house on Saturday:
Today’s winner for Saturday . . .  The person who thought it was a good idea to park in front of where the slip was:

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