2 Green Bottles. Today’s prompts for 29 April 2022: GREEN & CURVE

Somewhere over the rainbow
Green birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh, why can’t I?



The endangered Kakapo, a flightless New Zealand parrot.

Below is one of my favourite prints I have:

kakapo and chick by Merrilyn Jaquiery




go grow a rainbow

learning curves rainbow
red, orange, yellow
green, blue, indigo
plus violet show
us stripes of rainbow

Alan Grace
24 April 2022

Red is at the top of the rainbow.

Green is in the middle of the rainbow.

Violet is at the bottom.

Easy to fill in the rest.

This month’s WordPress prompt is GREEN (for April 2022).
Combine GREEN and today’s daily prompt (recycled from 2016) if you wish.

Thew colours of a rainbow can be remembered by:


where each letter is the first letter of a new colour:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet


I suggest that the WordPress monthly prompt initiative is likely to be more successful if we combine the prompt GREEN each day with the daily prompt for the same date in 2016.

Sadly new posts cannot be added to the old WordPress daily prompts again!  See:

Black is the new Easter Green; 16 Green Bottles #Green#Bottle

Monthly prompt site:

The prompt for 29 April 2016 was CURVE:

The prompt for 9 April 2016 was GREEN:

You can find resources below:

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For Green Bottles see:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER

The countdown continues!

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GREEN was also a prompt on 9 April 2016. See:
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Prompts for all of April 2016 are below.

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Challenge: How many of these prompts for April 2016 can you use in one post?

We will recycle these prompts for the corresponding date for the rest of this month. See:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER


For a list of daily prompts for April 2016 see:

15 Green Bottles. Daily prompts for April. Today’s prompts for 16 April 2022: GREEN & DISASTER

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