COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 21 ~ Post#904: NZ COVID-19 Delta ~ 34% Not double jabbed: COVID 24x more likely; Hospitalisation 2.32x

We look at the effect vaccination has on cases of Delta in New Zealand. When 66% (about two-thirds) of NZ (over 12) had two doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on 14 October 2021, a person who is not double-jabbed is 24 times more likely to be a case and a case is 2.32 times more likely to be hospitalised.

On 14 October we had a total of 1790 cases.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield revealed only 4 percent of the cases in the Delta outbreak are fully vaccinated.

Bloomfield spoke on RNZ’s Morning Report on Friday morning, saying that those who are fully vaccinated are less likely to carry the virus.

Since the beginning of the Delta outbreak in August, “170 cases have been admitted to the hospital”.

Of the 170 hospital admissions, only “three cases are fully vaccinated”.

Covid-19: 4 per cent of cases fully vaccinated, only 3 hospitalised |

Bernadette Basagre08:25, Oct 15 2021

We create the table below:



On 14 October:

Number of community cases (total): 1,790 (in current community outbreak)


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