COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 11 ~ NZ COVID-19 Delta variant over 2000 cases ~ When will we achieve 90% full vaccination?

Damn Auckland

For 90% vaccination
Auckland’s ransom creates frustration
Is this believable
Or sure achievable
We need more freedom not damnation

Alan Grace
19 October 2021

94 Delta cases today (Tuesday 19 October); total 2,099 cases. This is the highest daily number of cases New Zealand has ever had. See:

COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 10 ~ NZ COVID-19 Delta variant~ 1895 cases in 2 months

Another two weeks at lockdown Level 3 step 1 for Auckland, New Zealand.

Maybe not a lower level until Auckland has 90% full vaccination.

We are nearing 67% (two-thirds) full vaccination. Here’s the latest stats:

Will we be still at Level three lockdown at Christmas?

Over two  months in lockdown now.

We expected case numbers to be in low double digits or in single digits by now.

However 60 cases yesterday and 51 the day before.

Still good in comparison with other countries.


This PDF version will be easier to read:


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