COVID Odyssey: The never-ending epic poem ~ B. McNabb lives to get the jab

B. McNabb lives to get the jab

Forget what you may last have read
Borty McNabb is not yet dead
Forget what’s in the poem
Borty is still at home
Regardless what Alan has said
Hope his fame won’t go to his head!
He writes not like Ovid
He won’t die of COVID
What decisions remain unsaid
What mutations may hit NZ
We should all be troubled
If Ro has doubled
We do not know what lies ahead
Beware of where you may not tread
We all hope that you will
Not become very ill
Lest you may be on your deathbed
Lest you die of COVID instead
Even Borty McNabb
Is waiting for his jab
May COVID not become widespread
Pray it not visit your homestead
Poor Borty is alive
May COVID he survive
Borty McNabb must go to bed
May he wake and not yet drop dead
Pray no eternal rest
Borty’s not lost his zest
Borty’s life force has not yet fled
Forget what you may last have read …

Alan Grace
18 June 2021

Borty McNabb is a friend’s pseudonym.
He was surprised that he was no longer here:

Borty’s host’s a ghost
Unknown to most
Now he’s gone to the great beyond


COVID Odyssey: My response to Borty’s poem ~ The Man Like A Dog With A Bone!

A message from Borty this morning:

Borty is awake and ready to go
What the day holds, he does not know
But of one thing, he is quite certain
Last night did not bring, the final curtain

Borty McNabb
18 June 2021

My response:


My Way Lyrics


I did it my way                   with                 And COVID died away


And did it my way         with                   And COVID died away

[Maybe before each of the above add “Got my last shot today”]

My Way – YouTube


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