A Wrinkle in Time

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“Why darling, it’s perfectly natural, it happens to everyone now and then,” she said in a soothing tone, hoping to diffuse the tension that had settled into the folds of the bedsheets that now lay crumpled across their naked bodies. It took her a few moments to…


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The Heart and Soul Nebulae – photo by NASA avalanching ethers burst among solar flares explosive with locust bytes swarming in broadband storms chomping through dark matter orbits dimming the starlight with sensory overload to then disappear massive cloud after cloud into gestating bellies of Cancer and Capricorn reborn…

Withered hands

withered hands beauty in withered hands soul shines in wrinkled skin lines and folds a lifetime unfolds a man a woman aged and gray a heart full of memories many stories of old whisper in weathered faces spirit soft in silver patina not loud in vivid shades a shadow across life’s path a mystery dwells…

NFL Solidarity

NFL Solidarity How can we offended be When whole teams on bended knee Kaepernick thus Is one of us Focused solidarity Alan Grace 27 September 2017