Pingbacks for GREEN #Green#Screen


A pingback for GREEN
May always be seen
You will get the gist
Your post on my list
Up upon your screen

Alan Grace
13 April 2022

In your post, when you link to some else’s post, WordPress will automatically create a link “pinging” back to your post (at the bottom of the post you linked to).

This is called a Pingback.

Look at one of these links:

You should see this post on my list.

Look at this link to an historic WordPress prompt for GREEN:

You should see this post on the list. Unless WordPress prevents it.

You can do the same in your posts provided the author of a post has not disallowed pingbacks.

Just include a link in your post of the link up the top of the screen when you are looking at another person’s post.

You can just copy and paste the above links into your post.

Try this and see what happens:

You can also Copy and Paste the lines below.
Remember in your post to delete the X at the beginning.





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