COVID-19: When will NZ go Orange or Green? #Green#Newspaper

Traffic light green

I’m not a mighty magician
Or even a statistician
When will NZ be seen
With a traffic light green
I’m a mere mathematician

Alan Grace
11 April 2022

Update: NZ went to Orange at 11.59pm on Wednesday 13 April.

New Zealand has now had 500 deaths with COVID-19. See:
7,592 community cases; 640 hospitalisations; 23 in ICU; 11 deaths

However the curve is flattening. New Zealand and its businesses are at the crossroads.

Worldwide there have been more than 6.2 m deaths and by tomorrow 500,000,000 cases. See:

More deaths worldwide than the entire population of New Zealand!

My pre-April COVID-19 posts are now an open Time Capsule. See:

New Zealand uses a Traffic Light System and is currently at Red. See:


Arguably New Zealand should have already moved to Orange and may do this later this week. Green seems a long way off.

An announcement will be made on 14 April.

On Thursday over 35% (over 1/3; 169/466) of New Zealand deaths have come from aged care residents. See:
and the New Zealand Herald newspaper on Sunday, 10 April 2022:


Third death considered linked to COVID-19 vaccine.





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