MetaPromptZ is Green! Add more prompts! I’m feeling green! #Green#Screen

Add more  prompts!

WordPress may seem very green
We heard a prompt may be seen
For over a week
We do want to seek
More new prompts up on the screen

Alan Grace
8 April 2022

GREEN is this month’s WordPress WordPrompt. See:

We look at recycling old prompts from 2016 – 2018 starting with ‘Z’
(include GREEN in all posts as well as maybe a recycled prompt in posts for this month). See:


We also look at resources for the prompt GREEN:

Resources for Daily Prompt Green

I think almost everyone will lose interest and/or turn GREEN if only the prompt (GREEN) lasts for a month!

We need to add more prompts often (as well as GREEN) or provide a choice for prompts.

Whaddya think?

I have always thought a good solution was to recycle the old WordPress Daily prompts.

This would only work if WordPress became involved.

Maybe we could even go through the alphabet in reverse order?

Perhaps choose a prompt from this list for old prompts starting with ‘Z’ (include GREEN in all posts for this month too):


Click on a link to see the list of posts for a prompt.

Are you interested?

Shall we give it a try?

We could continue through the alphabet in reverse.

How often?

Look here for all future MegaPrompts.

Below are some resources for GREEN for you to look at:

Resources for Daily Prompt Green

Daily Prompts (Pingbacks)

Shared Posts (Pingbacks)



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