WordPress prompt GREEN ~ Try out these sites! A blast from the past!#Green

Historic Green Prompt

Please pretty [green] please WordPress
Prompts need to seem a success
Please don’t be mean
Keep GREEN prompt green
We thank you WordPress God Bless

Alan Grace
8 April 2022

GREEN is this month’s WordPress WordPrompt. See:

Please look at the links below for posts with the prompt GREEN.
I hope you may contribute!

GREEN was a WordPress daily prompt on 9 April 2016. See:
(you can still add your own post to the list by putting the above link anywhere in a post)

I will also accept ‘green’ as a prompt this month (see below). See:
(include the above link in your own post to the list by putting the above link anywhere in a post)


WordPress has started a new monthly WordPrompt. To join in on the fun, add “WordPrompt” as a tag to your post, allowing your content to be discovered more easily in the Reader, and use the hashtag #WordPrompt when you share your post on social media.

This month’s WordPrompt is:



Please also see:

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