COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 15 ~ Auckland NZ COVID-19 Delta Poll 5 results~ Best targets for 90% fully vaccinated by the end of November

The anti-vaxxer

An unjabbed golfer named Marty
An anti-vaxxer not smarty
Marty played golf for fun
Prayed for a hole in one
Two small holes in one arm
Could have prevented harm
COVID delayed his wake party

Alan Grace
26 October 2021

We look at the results for Poll 5:



The graph in this PDF may be easier to read:


Which choice do you think is best? See:

COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 14 ~ Auckland NZ COVID-19 Vaccinations~ How can we tell if vaccinations are on track?

Below are the results for the Poll:


Often COVID-19 is not democratic.

This time democracy rules!

The best choice is 1.95!

We need the curve as high as possible in November to obtain the results we need.

Labelling the choices (a) to (e), [1.95, . . . , 1.75], we rank the best choices for this poll in order as

a), b), c), d), e)

This poll has 5 choices.

If you chose a) 1.95 give yourself 5 points.

If you chose b) 1.90 give yourself 4 points.

. . .

If you chose e) 1.75 give yourself 1 point.

You get 1 point just for voting!

This gives you a score out of 5.

All the other polls had 6 or 7 choices.

Score the other polls you voted in the same way (out of 6 or 7).

If you voted in all 5 Polls, you would have a total score out of 30.

If you multiply your score by 10 and divide by 3 (if you voted in all 5 polls) you would get a percentage.

What is your score?

Who got the highest score?

From the voting the highest possible score would be 27/30 = 90%.

You may like to look at all the polls:

For current vaccination data you may like to look at:

COVID Odyssey: Spring Spruce up 16 ~ Auckland NZ COVID-19 Delta Variant~ Vaccinations to 90% by DHB

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