COVID Odyssey: Get your jabs ~ I got my second jab this morning!

I had my second jab this morning.
Long queue but quicker than the first jab.

Sadly there was no temperature check on arrival. There had been a temperature check when we came for our first jab.


I booked both of us for both our jabs.

At least for the second jab there was a record of both of our appointments.

For the first jab, there was no record of my booking, despite both of us getting txts confirming our appointment.

COVID Odyssey: Alan Grace's vir[tu]al journey

Get your jabs

There are those that would extinguish
The light that God has made
And interrupt our journey
And all the plans we laid

There are those that would take our spirit
And make us feel such pain
To wash away the progress
And years of hopes and gain

We must all stand united
Against these common foes
Together we stay standing
Amidst the threats and blows

Is thinking new jabs are the answer
To stopping COVID in truth absurd
We owe it to the fallen
That their voices still be heard

[Last stanza modified by]
Alan Grace
7 August 2021

We are getting our second jab next week. Have you got yours yet?

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