COVID Odyssey: Borty’s First Jab

Borty’s First Jab

Quite long in the tooth
Certainly not in his youth
Borty got the call for his jab
He arrived at the place
And then had to face
A sight that he found rather sad

The folks there were old
Just like he’d been told
But surely much older than he
He was seated right down
By a nurse in a gown
Next to someone one hundred and three

They called names one by one
And with wheelchairs for some
The oldies went up to receive
A small prick in the arm
So that Covid no harm
Could inflict, or hasten their leave

When Borty’s call came
He felt little pain
But he was out to impress
And determined to show
That age couldn’t slow
An ageless person no less

After biscuits and tea
and quite symptom free
He deliberately jogged to the carpark
But his mind drew a blank
Like some horrible prank
Leaving him shuffling around in the dark

Borty McNabb
20 June 2021

COVID Odyssey: Fall Flashback ~ Summary 2020 revisited ~ How many people may one person infect on average? – COVID Odyssey by Alan Grace: My vir[tu]al COVID-19 journey (

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