SHIPRECS – COVID-19 increases house prices in New Zealand; Incidents increase too as customer service falls!

ShipwrecksBookBigCOVID-19 was expected to have an adverse effect on the property market in New Zealand. Instead properties are selling like hotcakes and prices are going through the roof.

Sadly although commissions increase with increased prices, the level of customer service often leaves much to be desired and many incidents cause dissatisfaction.


Thanks for joining me in
Suspect House[-marketing] Incidents in Personal Real Estate Customer Service


Historically many ships were tossed upon stormy seas, got into trouble, ran aground or onto the rocks, and became shipwrecks.

On this site I outline my bad experiences (my SHIPRECS) with real estate salespeople in New Zealand while marketing my own home and also while looking for a new home.

In our analogy the SHIPRECS are the incidents, withdrawn offers, and fallen contracts as a result of bad customer service (including unethical behaviour and/or misrepresentations from real estate salespeople/ Agents) and the souls lost at sea are the buyers (and/or vendors). If there have not been offers from some buyers (but still incidents), the the souls lost at sea are once again the buyers (and/or vendors).

I hope you have better experiences than me in your…

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  1. AlanGraceNZ says:


    Vortex of swirling feelings devoured him whole,
    From happy sunshine now to this deep abyss,
    Kidnapped, sucked into this dark fathomless hole,
    All souls trapped, shipwrecked, misled, lie far from bliss!

    (Modified by) Alan Grace
    4 April 2021

    Modified from chemical dreams by Krish Radhakrishna.

    If you are thinking of buying a home or selling your home, you may like to see:



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