Helicopter money

Helicopter money debate

Helicopter money is moot
Fifteen hundred dollars of loot
Is this money really
Distributed fairly
I want my golden parachute

Alan Grace
27 April 2020

Helicopter money is money that is given away to (almost) all residents in the country.

One possible option is to distribute $1500 to every adult resident in New Zealand with a lesser amount, possibly half or less ($500?) for each child.

Coronavirus: ‘Helicopter money’ for everyone an option to boost economy – Grant Robertson.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has hinted at potential ‘helicopter money’ in this year’s Budget, to get the economy moving again after the level 4 lockdown.

With tax cuts ruled out, Robertson said the Government is looking at other ways to get people – many who have lost their jobs or had pay cuts – spending again.

“Things like helicopter money, as it’s sometimes called, is part of a potential package, but obviously it’s downsides as well because… it’s not particularly targeted. There are upsides and downsides to all of these options, and that’s what we have to work through.”

Helicopter money, a term coined by prominent economist Milton Friedman in the 1960s, is literally giving money away. The hope is people will spend it, boosting the economy. See:


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