COVID-19 NZ: Schools reopen this week. Will there be transmission of virus from children to adults?

Child COVID-19

My ire is nigh sky high risen
Where’s child wild COVID transmission
Sigh shocked my brain hurts
From Lockdown alerts
Even my Zen is in prison

Alan Grace
21 April 2020

New Zealand moves from Lockdown Level 4 to Level 3 at 11.59 pm tonight for at least two weeks.

Schools and many Early Childhood Centres reopen this week.

Will this mean future transmission of virus from children to adults?

My opinion is that just because children appear to have less severe infections than adults, this does not necessarily mean there is less chance of transmission from children than from adults.

Despite social distancing within classrooms, will there be spread (outside of classrooms maybe) between children (and to teachers) and hence to others including adults in future?

Are Early Childhood Centres particularly vulnerable?

Some Early Childhood Centres are remaining closed during Level 3 Lockdown.

Is Dr Ashley Bloomfield, the NZ Director-General of Health, correct?

Children with coronavirus do not tend to spread Covid-19 to adults – Bloomfield.

“Children and teenagers tend to have low coronavirus infection rates, and don’t tend to pass it on to adults, the Director-General of Health says.”

“Dr Ashley Bloomfield’s comment comes as the country prepares to move into alert level 3 on April 27, with schools able to open two days later.”

“However, some in the education sector say schools and childcare centres should remain closed due to the risk of children spreading Covid-19 and causing cluster outbreaks.”

However, Bloomfield said evidence from New Zealand and overseas showed Covid-19 “doesn’t infect or affect children and teens in the same way it does adults”.

“Children and teens tend to have low infection rates and they don’t become as unwell if they do get infected, and they don’t tend to pass the virus on to adults,” he said at the Prime Minister’s Monday briefing. See:–bloomfield

“But that evidence was new and unclear, according to Otago University epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker, who shared concerns about schools and said that children were usually strong transmitters of respiratory viruses.” See:

“Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne infection and immunity research lead Professor Andrew Steer said children make up about 4 percent of Australia’s COVID-19 cases.” See:

“Here in New Zealand, 10.2% of our confirmed and probable cases have been people under the age of 19. Half of those were aged 15-19. The 10-14 year olds have made up 2.8% of our cases. For those aged between 5 and 9 it’s 0.9%, and for those under 4, it’s 1.4%.” See:

Total cases by age group, April 22. See:

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