A week until L3

L3 in a week

A week at L4
Who would hope for more
What a great cost
Cope with jobs lost
Firms could close their door

Alan Grace
21 April 2020

New Zealand was due to end four weeks of Level 4 Lockdown tomorrow night (Wednesday).

This was extended until 11.59 Monday when we will go to Level 3 which is still very restrictive.

New Zealand has only had 9 new cases in each of the last two days.

Economic factors appear to be a major reason.

It is expected that 400,000 more workers may go to work when we go down to Level 3.

Also the effect of a long weekend this weekend (to commemorate ANZAC day) was a prime consideration if we went to L3 before the weekend.

The NZ Government has claimed this will only mean the loss of two extra business days, however many businesses trade on every day of the week.

Many people consider that L3 is really L3.9 (very close to L4) since L3 is still very restrictive.

The lack of an effective contact-tracing system is also of concern.

NZ Herald today:


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