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Daily Prompt:


Share Your Best Posts

You are welcome to share your best posts on my sites. This may attract more traffic to your site. Your posts do not need to have a prompt.

I will still be promoting (recycled) daily prompts on my sites.

My (recycled) Daily Prompts are now updated automatically every day. See:

You are welcome to share your posts on my sites (you do not need a prompt):

(this is not a WordPress site. Image included in posts here)

True genius

Choose a new October date
Sheet you prompt will calculate
New spreadsheet thus
True genius
For you links too will update

Alan Grace
5 October 2018

View the link below daily to see each day’ s prompt (the spreadsheet is updated automatically every day):

Remember to view the online Excel spreadsheet.
Press F9 key to recalculate sheet.

Sample Daily Prompt:

Daily PromptGenius
Share your Best Posts…

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