Do you have any interest in Daily prompts? An Acrostic

On May 24, WordPress announced that new Daily Prompts would cease at the end of the month 😦 See:

Almost 500 comments were received expressing concern/ disappointment before comments were closed 😦
You may like to read the comments on the right of the post:

You may like to look at my (recycled) prompts:


Daily Prompt: Interest


OMG Where are the Prompts?
(an Acrostic)

O WordPress lows and highs
My Happiness capsize
Gods waived my day prompt prize

When I gaze to the skies
How my rose-tinted eyes
Ever yearn I advise
Return please finalise
Endless my compromise

Allies wise my time flies
Revise cries dramatise
Eyes demise empathise

Transgress prompt lie implies
Helpless I sympathise
Endless require replies

Prompts please best customise
Realise our great prize
Our best dreams maximise
Make our day without sighs
Perfect dream glamorise
Today create surprise
So return satisfies

Alan Grace
3 October 2018



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