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Best Member Cowardice Poems
Best Famous Cowardice Poems
Note: Instead of cowardice in the  line above you may substitute any word you like 🙂

These are examples of famous Cowardice poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous cowardice poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous cowardice poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word ‘cowardice’.

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See also:

by Crowley, Aleister

 "Aug." 10, 1911.

Full moon to-night; and six and twenty years
Since my full moon first broke from angel spheres!
A year of infinite love unwearying ---
No circling seasons, but perennial spring!
A...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew

 After two sittings, now our Lady State 
To end her picture does the third time wait. 
But ere thou fall'st to work, first, Painter, see 
If't ben't too slight...Read More

by Levine, Philip

 On March 1, 1958, four deserters from the French Army of North Africa, 
August Rein, Henri Bruette, Jack Dauville, & Thomas Delain, robbed a 
government pay station at Orleansville....Read More

by Keats, John

Fair Isabel, poor simple Isabel!
Lorenzo, a young palmer in Love's eye!
They could not in the self-same mansion dwell
Without some stir of heart, some malady;
They could not sit at meals...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord

 Queen Guinevere had fled the court, and sat 
There in the holy house at Almesbury 
Weeping, none with her save a little maid, 
A novice: one low light betwixt...Read More

by Lawrence, David Herbert

 A snake came to my water-trough
On a hot, hot day, and I in pyjamas for the heat,
To drink there.
In the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark carob-tree
I came...Read More

by Levi, Primo

 I am twenty-four
led to slaughter
I survived.

The following are empty synonyms:
man and beast
love and hate
friend and foe
darkness and light.

The way of killing men and beasts is the same
I've seen it:
truckfuls...Read More

by Rich, Adrienne

 First having read the book of myths,
and loaded the camera,
and checked the edge of the knife-blade,
I put on
the body-armor of black rubber
the absurd flippers
the grave and awkward mask.
I am...Read More

by Benet, Stephen Vincent

 Black trees against an orange sky, 
Trees that the wind shook terribly, 
Like a harsh spume along the road, 
Quavering up like withered arms, 
Writhing like streams, like twisted...Read More

by Alighieri, Dante

 Per me si va ne la citt? dolente, 
per me si va ne l'etterno dolore, 
per me si va tra la perduta gente . 


by Abani, Chris

Africans in the hold fold themselves
to make room for hope. In the afternoon’s
ferocity, tar, grouting the planks like the glue
of family, melts to the run of a child’s licorice stick.

Wet...Read More

by Yeats, William Butler


What shall I do with this absurdity -
O heart, O troubled heart - this caricature,
Decrepit age that has been tied to me
As to a dog's tail?
 Never had I...Read More

by Jeffers, Robinson

 Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide.
The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel, 
 formerly used to kill men, but here
In the sense of...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord

 'There sinks the nebulous star we call the Sun, 
If that hypothesis of theirs be sound' 
Said Ida; 'let us down and rest;' and we 
Down from the lean...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord

 O loyal to the royal in thyself, 
And loyal to thy land, as this to thee-- 
Bear witness, that rememberable day, 
When, pale as yet, and fever-worn, the Prince...Read More

by Abercrombie, Lascelles

 A quay with vessels moored 

To India! Yea, here I may take ship; 
From here the courses go over the seas, 
Along which the intent prows wonderfully 
Nose...Read More

by Alighieri, Dante

 Lo giorno se n'andava, e l'aere bruno 
toglieva li animai che sono in terra 
da le fatiche loro; e io sol uno 

The day was now departing; the dark...Read More

by Seeger, Alan

 Their strength had fed on this when Death's white arms 
Came sleeved in vapors and miasmal dew, 
Curling across the jungle's ferny floor, 
Becking each fevered brain. On bleak...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis

 ONE winter night, at half-past nine,
Cold, tired, and cross, and muddy,
I had come home, too late to dine,
And supper, with cigars and wine,
Was waiting in the study. 

There was...Read More

by Sexton, Anne

 My God, my God, what queer corner am I in? 
Didn't I die, blood running down the post, 
lungs gagging for air, die there for the sin 
of anyone,...Read More

by Service, Robert William

 Although you deem it far from nice,
 And it perchance may hurt you,
Let me suggest that cowardice
 Can masquerade as virtue;
And many a maid remains a maid
 Because she...Read More

by Parker, Dorothy

 Always I knew that it could not last
(Gathering clouds, and the snowflakes flying),
Now it is part of the golden past
(Darkening skies, and the night-wind sighing);
It is but cowardice to...Read More

by Robinson, Mary Darby

 'Twas in a little western town
An ancient Maiden dwelt:
Her name was MISS, or MISTRESS, Brown,
Was doom'd a Spinster pure to be,
For soft delights her breast...Read More

by Masters, Edgar Lee

 The bank broke and I lost my savings.
I was sick of the tiresome game in Spoon River
And I made up my mind to run away
And leave my place in...Read More

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