The glass ceiling

The Glass Ceiling
Thu, 03/30/2017 – 05:26 — Meg Tanner

For men, there is no ceiling to hit, nothing restricting them,
But for women, there is a glass ceiling.
They can see through it, they can see what they could have.
But they are stopped. Their paths and journeys are suddenly halted.
They cannot reach men.
But why?
Why is there a ceiling? Why can’t women ever reach the same level as men?
Why, even when a woman believes they’ve exceeded a man, why are they still pushed down?
Told that men are still better, still stronger, still more powerful.
Why in the 21st century, why is the President of the United States a man?
A misogynistic, bigoted, self-righteous man?
It is true when it is stated that “women are intimidated by men”.
But who wouldn’t be? Especially when these leaders try to oppress women,
They try to oppress change and don’t accept differences.
We live in fear. Fear that our society will revert back to the 1800s.
Back to when women’s lives were full of obligations, and little choices.
Back to when women lived as slaves to their masters.
And we cannot allow that to happen.
We must encourage equality. Encourage equal opportunities.
We must protect women. All women.
Not just cis-gendered women. Transgender women too.
But we must protect transgender men, and cis-gendered men as well.
We must remain as individuals, but remain as one society.
One accepting and diverse society, where everyone fits in, but everyone can stand out.
We must make our society equal again.


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