Looking glass

Megha's World

I'm looking through a looking-glassThe reality seems so bleakand the nightmares seem so truePain, sadness, and anxiety all have begun to bloom

I'm looking through the looking-glassMy dreams and hopes are dwindlingall the sunshine I was storingseems to be just ending

I'm looking through the looking-glassWorms of fear and hatred and sneaking everywhereRotten feelings and jealousyare trying to make a mound somewhere

I'm looking through the looking-glassLooking for the smile I hid it last timedug and stuck it so deepthat no hurt can ever seem to find

I'm looking through the looking-glassfor the saplings of love and passionI am trying so desperately to sproutmaking sure the anger doesn't make it rot

I'm looking through the looking-glassso it magnifies the little hope I haveI'm looking through the looking-glassHoping to see you look back.

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